IBM WebSphere Process Server

IBM® WebSphere® Process Server is a high-performance business process automation engine to help form processes that meet your business goals

Built on open standards, it deploys and executes processes that orchestrate services (people, information, systems, and trading partners) within your service-oriented architecture (SOA) or non-SOA infrastructure.

  • Helps increase efficiency and productivity by automating complicated processes that span people, partners, and systems.
  • Helps cut costs by enabling flexible business processes with reusable assets, reducing the need to hard-code changes across multiple applications.
  • Extends value of core applications by centralizing business processes and sharing them across the enterprise to maximize resources and increase ROI.
  • Strong support for human workflow and enables rapid process changes, providing the business agility required to compete in emerging markets by leveraging resources efficiently.
  • Accelerates time to value by enabling rapid change and reconfiguring of existing IT assets without redeployment.
  • Images can be dispensed via WebSphere CloudBurst Appliance or used standalone for increased flexibility
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