Metaform Ltd was founded in 2005 by two close friends Mehmet Ali ERDAL and Barış YOLUÇ who previously worked together. They overcame the challenge of setting up a new business and developed cutting-edge solutions for respected customers while continuing their R&D efforts at Hacettepe University Technopolis.

After many successful
award-winning eGovernment projects,
MetaFORM focused on 2 major products;
Business Ecosystem Management & C2A Intelligence
and PrimeSearch - Thematic Search Engine
with artificial intelligence services like DidYouMean.

Metaform is currently the accredited subcontractor of TURKSAT, HAVELSANVOLKSWAGEN GROUP and partner of TIBCO.

Based on one of R&D AI projects of Metaform, "PrimeSearch" spinoff was founded in Tallinn-Estonia.
PrimeSearch has been selected in the top 10 global AI products by the 2020 WAIC - World Artificial Intelligence Conference Committee and nominated for the 2020 United Nations - UNIDO Covid-19 Global project call.

Metaform has been transformed into a joint stock company with a capital of 3 million TRL on October 28, 2021 by the founders and Kayhan Imıl who has been working as PM for many years also became a
shareholder and managing partner of Metaform. 


eBizHUB and C2Ai
Business Ecosystem Management with
Call to Action Decision Support

Metaform develops complementary products and services that provide unique opportunities to organizations operating in all verticals.
Our aim is to continuously create new business opportunities and competitive advantages
for our customers in the age of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.
We offer e-business solutions to companies who want to benefit
all the opportunities of artificial intelligence technologies by offering sales or service.

The term business or thematic ecosystem has been used to refer to a specific type of environment where
clusters of institutions or individuals are connected to each other with a defined focus on a specific type of issue, area, business or technology.
These institutions may be quite diverse, but they are brought together by the complementary nature of their activities

Business Ecosystem Management, eBizHUB

Advanced, ecosystem management platform for vertical business, thematic areas (NPO-NGO) or startups.
Ecosystem owner and corporate or individual members interact with each other within ecosystem business components also online video meeting.
Landing portal and event maps connect the public users.
IOS and Android mobile apps connect you to the ecosystem seamlessy mobile with full Calender sync, Media Access and Location based services functions.
To maintain member accreditations, you can audit in the field and monitor ratings of your ecosystem members. 

Decision Support System that Call 2 Action, C2Ai

Advanced decision support platform powered with ML.
Dashboards for decision makers summarizing important data used in their decision making processes.
Processing raw data with advanced ML methods and technologies and converting them to knowledge which can be used in decision making.
Advanced visualizations with beautiful graphs, plots, tables, maps enabling decision makers to reach important data with various parameters.
Multi layered reports ranging from coarse to granular. Advanced, customizable filtering options and threshold alerts

Thematic Search Engine,
DidYouMean, AutoComplete and
AI Services

PrimeSearch is private search engine and data warehouse service for your corporate needs.
PrimeSearch AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies understand and get you exactly what you want from
web or your databases even documents and build your private data warehouse for your further data mining needs.
PrimeSearch also gives you astonishing visual browsing abilities over the captured data.

Also PrimeSearch provides you advanced search box abilities for eCommerce or Corporate web sites as SAAS or onPremise.

Thematic Search Engine &

With AI, PrimeSearch able to automatically searches, read and analyze WEB constantly to find web pages
which contains the information that you need.
PrimeSearch can learn and focus on everything
that you need in 9 languages.

DidYouMean, AutoComplete

Language agnostic DidYouMean and AutoComplete services can break down the walls between you and your potential customers due to language and misspellings.
Search Box corrects user mistypings and bad language and  offer best matched product or page with Machine Learning.


Metaform started R&D activities in 2005 at Hacettepe Technopolis and completed 9 R&D projects, which received 4 external grants. Metaform invests an average of 40% of its annual net profit on R&D projects since it was established and 80% of Metaform’s annual spending consists of R&D costs.
METAFORM is currently continuing R&D efforts on Artificial Intelligence domains such as
Machine learning, Deep Learning, Re-inforcement Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision,
Predictive and Exploratory Decision Support and Business Intelligence systems.
Latest research projects of Metaform indicates below.

Custom Name Entity Recognition

CNRAE-Developing Deep Learning algorithms, classification of big data sources according to the field, and parsing the data with the custom name recognition algorithms specific to the field to be developed. (Ongoing)

Predictive and Exploratory Decision Support System 

MODKDS-Development of a decision support platform integrated with open source business intelligence components, where raw data fed from different technologies in a distributed structure are transformed into information using automated ETL processes and technologies. (Ongoing)

Thematic Search Engine (SAAS)

3150892-Development of web search engine with graded area classification and web crawler based seaning result matching and pre-ranking algorithm. 

Language Agnostic DidYouMean Service (SAAS)

Development of RESTful, in-site search box service that powered ML model based on target web site content. 


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