Founded in 2005 at Hacettepe University Technopolis.
Metaform is currently focused on Business Ecosystem Management, Thematic Search Engine, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. Also accredited subcontractor of TURKSAT and HAVELSAN


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eBiz Solutions

Metaform develops unique products and services that enable organizations operating in all vertical sectors to continuously create new business opportunities and competitive advantages in the Big Data age. It offers e-business solutions to companies, users and business partners who want to provide all the opportunities of Internet, mobile and artificial intelligence technologies by offering sales or SAAS (Software as a service).

Business/Tematic/Startup Ecosystem Management

eBizHUB is an advanced SAAS Platform for your EcoSystem owner and members interact with each other within EcoSystem activities. With mobile apps, eBizHUB allows you to use device functions with usefull functions on your IOS or Android devices, online or offline.

Vertical/Tematic Data Warehouse & Search engine

If you know exactly what you are searching example "Covid19", "AI" or "S400" PrimeSEARCH will get you all information directly to datacenter and updates every second. Define your search area, collect data  build your thematic data warehouse & search engine and dig in your data.

Strategic Management, Accreditation, Internal Audit

With Strategic Management applications you can define your internal control system based on your business processes, policies and operational risks. To maintain your accreditations, you can monitor your KPIs and all internal control elements defined in your business processes.

eGOV Projects

In 2005 we started our first national project TTS (Transfer Tracking System), which is the accounting system of R&D projects supported by our first client TUBİTAK.  Since then we participated in many eGOV projects which are currently in use. Hundreds of organizations with their hundreds of thousands of users, used our products and perfected their business processes, transforming their conventional processes to online software including eSignature and mobileSignature capabilities.

Functional controls, visual simulations and decision support systems have also been developed on geographic information system (GIS) applications. Java and PostgreSQL have been used in all our eGOV projects and the scientific methods and algorithms are developed with our academic consultants.

Metaform won the first prize of "eTR 2014 Government to Business Best Application" with eÇED project.

Strategic Management and Financial Applications

You can implement performance based budgeting on the strategic plan and ensure that all of your business processes, risks and outputs or KPI' s are targeted and result oriented.

Business Process Management Applications

You can transform classical business processes based on legislations into a transparent online business process which includes functional controls. Answer is digital transformation.

GIS Applications and Decision Support Dashboard

Geographic data processing, visualization, mathematical and visual simulations, decision support systems, scientific models can be prepared and we give you the power of your data.

eUNI Applications

eUNI is the only "open source" and integrated solution for creating, acessing and reporting uniqe and valuable data in university management operations.
High technology eUNI applications are enabled for online data exchange with institutions such as YOK, TUBITAK, Thomson Reuters, Ministry of Finance and MERSIS, and can be integrated with student, personnel and document management softwares used in the universities.
eUNI covers Academic Reporting, Strategic Management, Projects Management and Student Applications.

Academic Activities and Project Management

With the integration of Thomson Reuters, Elsevier Scopus, YOKSIS and ARBIS, you can monitor academic activities, activities, and manage internal and external supported projects by academicians and researchers.

Strategic Management, Internal Audit & Financials

By preparing your strategic plan you can monitor the performance targets and purchasing, budget realizations of academic and administrative units. Define your business processes with internal control elements & manage risks.

Graduates Ecosystem and Student Communities

Without breaking relationship with your graduates. You can ensure to get direct access between qualified companies opportunities and graduates. You can manage all the activities of the student communities with mobile apps. 


All Metaform softwares are developed using open source technologies and middleware products. Besides open source software development, we also provide consultancy and training services to our clients fullfilling their software develeopment, software and technology integration needs.
Being business partners with leading vendors such as IBM and Oracle, we also help our clients using many applications with a variety of different technologies and planning to manage and transform their legacy applications, by successfully implementing and integrating IBM or Oracle middleware products to their existing ecosystem.

Open Source Expertise

Java, Python, .NET MVC, NodeJS, IONIC, Restful, AngularJS, React, Spring, Hibernate, PostgreSQL, POSTGIS, WSO2, Riak, Spark, RabbitMQ, OSGI, MongoDB, Tomcat, Karaf, JBOSS, LDAP, Apache Directory Server, CAS Server, Liferay, SVN, MySQL, TIBCO JasperReports, Redmine, Axosoft, GitHuB, Junit, OWASP, Hydra, Spring Test, SonarQube, Docker, LINUX ve ROS, Mbed, OpenCV, Keras, TensorFlow, AI artificial intelligence, ML machine learning, DL deep learning and RL reinforcement learning technologies.

Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)

An enterprise service bus (ESB) is a middleware tool used to integrate different applications used by a company or different companies that has the need to communicate with each other. Which ESB is right for you? We can analyze your business apps and integration needs and build it for you with right tool; IBM, Oracle or WS02.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Identity management, also known as identity and access management (IAM) is, in computer and application security, the security and business discipline that enables the right individuals to access the right resources at the right times and for the right reasons. It addresses the need to ensure appropriate access to Company resources 

Business Process Management (BPM)

Business process management is the process of analyzing and improving business processes to create a more efficient and effective organization. It covers how we study, identify, change, monitor business processes, KPI's and internal audit parameters to ensure they run smoothly and can be improved over time. 

Research & Development

Metaform started R&D activities in 2005 at Hacettepe Technopolis and completed 9 R&D projects, which received 4 external grants. One of the 3 ongoing R&D projects is supported by TUBITAK. Metaform invests an average of 40% of its annual net profit on R&D projects since it was established. 80% of Metaform’s annual spending consists of R&D costs. METAFORM is currently continuing R&D and product development with 15 engineers.
Artificial intelligence, machine learning, high volume data capturing/collecting and big data digging  are our main focus.

+Hierarchical Project Based Accounting

+High Volume Data Capturing & NRT (Near Real Time) processing

+PROACA Social Media &  Automated Data Collecting

+Business Ecosystem Management (SAAS)

+Vertical/Thematic Search Engine data crawling, pre-ranking, rating  

+Thematic Data warehouse and data Browsing, Visualizating (SAAS)

+Heterogeneous Thin/Thick IOT Device Management (PAAS)

+Data Capturing, RT (Real Time) Processing and Pattern Recognition/Learning 


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